Why Amber Photography?

Fun & Spontaneity

We understand the discomfort many feel in front of a camera and specialize in turning photo sessions into enjoyable, relaxed experiences. By infusing fun and spontaneity, we alleviate anxiety and evoke genuine smiles and expressions. This results in vibrant, naturally beautiful images capturing your best moments.

Human Touch

We hand-edit and retouch every photo, setting us apart from automated solutions. We believe in the human touch, ensuring each image receives personalized attention for perfection. Choose hand editing for images that truly stand out.

Timeless Design

Our true-to-color editing style ensures that our photos stand the test of time, maintaining their timeless beauty. By faithfully preserving authentic hues and tones, our images remain striking and relevant, captivating viewers for generations to come.

"Amber is not only an amazing photographer, she is truly one of the kindest, patient and most loving people I've ever met. She was so patient with all my kiddos (especially my special needs son) and thats something that's hard to find in a photographer sometimes. Her work is absolutely stunning and you can tell she pours her heart into her shoots and editing your photos. Don't get me started on that turn around time, Sis was QUICK!!! She truly deserves ALL the stars!!!"

—Baylee Elizabeth Antal